Maritime Search and Rescue Tools

Search and rescue for our seas is not only human strength and determination, but the many tools and technology now available that aides our efforts to successfully complete the mission.

Some of these items have enhanced and changed the way we carry out our operations:

– Personal locator beacons
– Satellite mobile equipment such as phones
– Tracking equipment

Personal locator beacons
These are attached to individuals prior to leaving shore. Suitable for vessels that don’t have a suitable storage area for flares or a radio to call for help. They are clipped to the lifejacket and when they come into contact with water they are set off. Great for jet ski riders, small boats and people who want to have their own protection option.
Tony at aerial photography Brisbane bought a jet ski and opted for this option.

Satellite equipment
Items when offshore will no longer pick up mobile coverage and satellite phone for example enables users to call for help and talk to potential rescuers if needed. Great for water and remote area uses.

Tracking equipment
Devices placed within a vessel and can be tracked from a receiver type unit. Can track position of boats, containers, bouys or any other asset.

Tools and technology will continue to grow and improve and make our lives safer and rescuers jobs easier.