International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF)

With innovations in radio, radar, and personnel training, a great need for sustained funding exists in International Maritime Rescue Federation operations. The majority of this need is to accelerate the foundation of this organisation’s initial charter. A recognised charter will transform the organisation, once known as The International Lifeboat Federation, into a body that aims to virtually eliminate open seas casualties.mediterranean-rescue-teams-stretched-beyond-their-meansThe IMRF continues to use the original mission of the International Lifeboat Federation since its inception in 1924. Before integrated maritime technologies, community boaters had to organise to cover oceanic surface areas when search and rescue was required. Coordination between military, civilian, and volunteer resources has always been, and will continue to be, at the core of the IMRF mission. New funding however, will ensure the organisation’s efficiency by installing modern search systems, and utilising highly trained systems specialists.