Types of Maritime Vessels

The different types of ships, boats, tugs, ferries and now jet ski and jet pack water craft are being used out in the ocean. A birds eye view of the different types of vessels, shows that spending time on the water, be it for work or pleasure, has come a long way.

Ships used for transportation are one of the largest ocean going vessels like container, bulk carriers and general cargo ships make up a few of these.

Fishing boats come in all different sizes with commercial fishing boats ranging up to 90 feet long. These boats can be processors and non-processors with large refrigeration storage and staying out at sea for weeks at a time.

People transportation through ferry boats and passenger ship. Some passenger ships for holiday vacations can stand 10 stories high and contain cinemas. waterslides and rock climbing areas.

The smallest water crafts such as jet ski and now jet packs for on water entertainment are hydro engineering at its best.jet ski